I wanted to know what was the best solution to define a T-foil with the wing being one flap ? In other words, you can move the whole wing with the actuator to change the AoA.

At first I thought that the easiest solution was to define the hinge position in XFLR-5 very close to the leading edge but the X-foil tool of the simulator can’t converge despite my multiple tries.

Then I thought of the (hypothetical) idea of defining the wing and the strut as 2 separate foil elements. I would define the wing, instead of in the body reference frame, in the strut reference frame.

I would then define a horizontal bearing element for the wing so that it can be actuated. As it would be define in the strut reference frame, I think that the wing will be able to turn when the strut will turn (in the case of the strut being the rudder element of the boat)

For now, I decided that the simplest solution was to just add rake to the T-foil element but it is not very close to the reality.

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